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    Qiaoran “Ringo” Ma is a member of the China Cinema Editors Association(CCEA) and Shanghai Film Association(SFA). He has been working as a film editor for more than ten years and is currently a fellow of the American Film Institute.​

    He edited many commercial films and TV series in China. His 24-episode TV show, WHERE THE LOST ONE GO, released in 2017, has 400 million views in China. The English-subtitled version has over 6 million views on YouTube. His most recent 36-episode TV project, THE SILENCE OF THE MONSTER, was released in December 2022 on the IQIYI. He participated in projects that won awards and nominations at the Shanghai International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Golden Rooster Awards, and Xining First International Film Festival. Ma also edited music videos and commercials for brands including Apple, Vogue, and SHISEIDO.

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